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A letter from our founder...

I have a knack for putting the pieces together and translating ideas and voices into frameworks for fundable opportunities.  Coming from a neurodiverse and economically unstable background, I became aware early that I am skilled at actively listening to peoples’ stories and needs in ways that allow me to help them connect with available supportive resources. Yet, I would often see brilliant and talented people miss out on opportunities because they were unaware or did not have the required tools or skills to leverage them.

So, driven by my life circumstances and an unyielding and acute awareness of the vast levels of disparity and need across social contexts, I made it my mission to help people access the tools and resources they needed to move their life in positive directions. Thus, Healing With Humanity LLC offers an organization that focuses on empowering social progress (not just social change) because we care about the people and outcomes we get to support along our way. 

I love nothing more than taking parts that did not relatively equal a whole and transforming them into a functional, sustainable, and vibrant reality. This passion drives me to research and learn relevant context, market trends, and innovative solutions to build and advance your personal and professional goals. In turn, I make it my responsibility to help you create the necessary capacity and design to actualize your vision in the long term.

Thank you all, 

Camille Willingham Gossett

Founding President 

Healing With Humanity, LLC

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