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Available Strategic Service Plans

***Resume Coaching Services: are available to clients upon request and with a sliding service payment scale

***Now offering Community Grant Writing Workshops

Hourly/Service Flat Rate

We offer hourly rates tailored to your specific project needs.


Contracting with an hourly rate is ideal for clients seeking grant proposal writing and research, document review, and technical reporting needs.


We do not have a set hourly rate but will schedule a free consultation with any potential client and review market trends to determine our service quote.

We have several flat-rate service fee categories as well. In addition, our options range to support small and large-scale collaborative funding ventures across diverse settings and domains.  

  • Flat Rate Service Categories:

  • CV and Resume Writing: (set price for introductory- professional- executive levels)

  • Grant Writing: (set price based on proposal length and funding category)

  • Technical Reporting: (set price based on report length, difficulty, and level of professionalism and design required)


This flexibility means we can provide small to extensive grant writing, research, and technical writing and reporting service packages.


Contact us today to begin building your capacity for positive progress.

Annual, Semi-Annual, & Quarterly Contracts

Let’s build together over time. Hire us as fractional to full-time contractors to meet your comprehensive support service needs for a set period. We offer three service packages adapted to the typical organizational and grant funding cycles so that we can be there when you need us the most. These service options are excellent choices for executing individuals and organizations that need support on the backend to get the job done in the current and long term. They are also great for new and growing players, as we can work together to leverage available resources and opportunities in ways that maximize your impact at scale. These contracts help build your capacity to continue advancing your mission beyond one project or grant award.  


Annual: 1-year, renewable contract, tailored to your specific individual or organizational business needs

  • Free consultation and itemized service quote 

  • Will provide comprehensive support services, including a set amount of grant writing and research support, technical writing, and document review capabilities.


Semi-Annual: 6-mos, renewable contract, tailored to your specific individual or organizational business needs


Quarterly Contracts: 3-mos, renewable contract, tailored to your specific individual or organizational business needs

Tiered Capacity Building Solutions

Tier I: Elevating

Individualized service packaged is geared to client needs, including:

  • Grant Writing- Proposal or section development

  • Technical Reporting and Writing- Content writing across specific client context

  • Resume Development- Creation of high-quality personal marketing capital

Tier II: Innovating

This secondary level Individualized service packaged is geared to client needs, including:

  • Grant Writing and Research- we will find funding opportunities that align with your personal or professional mission, vision, and organizational characteristics and design innovative and effective grant proposal content to optimize your funding opportunities and outcomes.


  • Document Review, Technical Reporting, and Writing- we will create content for organizational capacity-building materials, including technical reports and websites. This service category also provides impact and annuals reporting services for individuals and organizations. Additionally, document review and coaching are available as components of plan options.


  • Resume Development and Review- we will help you integrate these organizational innovations into your brand while presenting your narrative in ways that enhance your personal and professional opportunities and impact. Resume development provides clients with resume or CV review, editing, and initial design to produce a current and marketable illustration of yourself or employees that builds long-term business and individual equity.

  • Grant Writing Workshop* - will provide a 2-hour educational grant writing workshop at the client’s chosen setting. 


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