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"Content Creation & Creative Consulting for Empowering Your Vision. 

Hello, friends! 

My mission is to advance your mission.


Since our inception, Healing With Humanity, LLC. exists to help even the small-business development at a community level and even the collaborative funding playing field. Informed by my community health promotion and academic research background, I understand how to highlight your unique value in a way that positions you for sustainable and scaled grant funding opportunities to advance your mission.

Connect with me today to build positive progress towards your mission.

"I love nothing more than taking parts that did not relatively equal a whole and transforming them into a functional, sustainable, and vibrant reality..."

 Founding President, Camille Gossett

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Founding President & CEO, Camille Gossett

High-rise Buildings


Hourly/Service Flat-Rate

Flat rate packages are for individuals and organizations with specific projects in mind, such as those looking to hire support to write a grant proposal, resume, or tackle a tricky budget section or crucial annual report. Fees range depending on the services requested, but we offer sliding scale rates and free consultations to determine an action plan and approximate costs.

Annual, Semi-Annual, & Quarterly Contracts

We will design a custom strategic support package for you and your business needs by offering our full range of capacity building services and grant proposal writing and research. Our packages provide options for various diverse personal and professional strategic grant writing, research, and capacity building needs, at the scale of your choosing. Furthermore, you pick your level of engagement and time commitment based on your specific needs.

Tiered Capacity Building Solutions

If you aren’t sure what you need but know you need some support to elevate your strategic business approach, we will work with you to create a tailored capacity-building solution for you and your business. Our objective is your success, so let us earn your trust as we work together to advance your mission.


Grant Writing and Capacity Building Blog 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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