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Our core pillars. 

Our primary mission is to advance your mission. 

It truly does take a village—not only to raise a child but to move the needle on social progress.

Thus, I formed Healing with Humanity, LLC to support and empower non-profit, small business, private and governmental organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and objectives and optimize their impact.

We accomplish our mission by working collaboratively with our clients to create high-quality and comprehensive grant proposals and reports and provide strategic support services. Our work enables organizations and individuals to focus on their calling by reliably taking care of their administrative, logistic, and strategic business needs. This way, clients and the community can efficiently and effectively spearhead their initiatives and build their capacity to continue their work long-term and at scale.

Furthermore, relationships drive our approach—not the bottom line. So, we support you and commit to ensuring that all persons have equitable opportunities and resources to impact our world positively.

Our Team

Meet Our Founder:

Camille W. Gossett, Founding President & Owner

 Phone: 919-937-8251

 Mrs. Camille Gossett has been building diverse community capacity and resiliency across community and academic contexts for the last seven years, establishing herself in the community health realm as a youth division leader and community health promoter. Expressly, she has provided strategic planning, grant funding, and translational research leadership across numerous university-community partnership settings to attain and leverage collaborative funding sources in ways that contribute to organizational mission advancement. For example, from January 2020-June 2021, Ms. Gossett played a critical role in collaborative grant funding efforts to generate nine grant proposals and $198,000 of direct financial support through strategic support-level efforts. During this phase, she also mentored high-school and collegiate student interns, successfully guiding them to develop community changes visions into functional programming for real-world implementation. 


 In addition, through her program coordination role with a place-based community ecosystem currently funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Foundation, she consistently managed logistical and coordination functions for a network of 82+ community-based organizations working to improve social determinants of health conditions in the low-income area of Northeast Charlotte surrounding the University. Ms. Gossett was also a Senior Research Associate for a university-based backbone support organization of a collective impact initiative, working to coordinate and manage a 6-student community research team to conduct collaborative research projects with faculty and community partners. Recent projects include supporting mental health equity efforts, enhancing data collection and integration systems to inform community health policy and practice, and co-developing social equity measurement systems and solutions with local authorities, civic advocacy, and policy leaders across institutional levels.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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